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With over two decades of experience in the real estate market, Ina Toma is the real estate advisor you need. No matter what your real estate goals are, Ina can get you there faster through her keen eye for property selection and the extensive knowledge she holds on matters relating to the preparation of sales agreements, legal procedures of property sale/purchase, and registration in local authorities.

Honest to a fault, a skilful negotiator, professional, reliable, consistent with a strong work ethic - these are only some of the descriptions that Ina’s clients have used to praise her over her long career. Having closed innumerable deals of value for clients in Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, and the UK, her specialization extends to working with real estate investors who are looking to make smarter financial decisions to further their holistic financial planning within their portfolio.

Through her comprehensive understanding of key markets and economies, Ina can further your real estate goals, whether it is buying a property for residential purposes or expanding your investment selection. She is extremely knowledgeable of permanent residence schemes in EU countries, thereby also allowing her to use this knowledge to help you select a property that mirrors your values and desires.

As a widely respected real estate advisor, her goals include being able to understand the client’s true motivations and interests so that she can create long-term results that resonate. Ina’s reputation has been sustained by her commitment to providing personalised and transparent advice across all niches in real estate.
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