A real estate advisor’s role extends far beyond the usual buying and selling of real estate. In fact, with an experienced advisor like Ina Toma, a client will have access to advice on subjects such as:

  • Strategies for optimum capital allocation
  • Vetting of factors that could increase or decrease the value of property bought for investment purposes
  • Guidance on selecting properties that will align with your real estate goals
  • Deep dive into how a property can be upgraded by improving operational issues or property amenities, thereby allowing the client to maximise expected ROI 
  • Evaluating the changing trends in real estate, including recommendations on how to take advantage of such shifts in the market to maximise profit potential 
Of course, this is only a minuscule part of the overall scope of Ina’s expertise. Her unparalleled knowledge of both commercial and residential real estate is what makes the difference between a good deal and a great deal!

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